Sydney Based Tree Consultants

If you’re in charge of managing urban landscapes, then it’s likely you also have responsibility for a number of trees. Whether it's a Council-owned piece of land or a commercial or government space, if you have trees growing in the area, then you need to ensure they’re well maintained and looked after.

The best way of doing this is by employing the services of a professional arborist, who will ensure that the trees are kept in good condition and can handle any issues as they arise.

If trees need to be pruned, felled or otherwise maintained, Australian Tree Consultants Pty Ltd will know exactly what to do. We're based in Sydney and we service Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific. 

Australia’s reliable arborists

Established in 2003, Australian Tree Consultants Pty Ltd is an expert tree consultancy company based in NSW that works with customers throughout Australia. We offer professional risk management and consultancy services for a number of organisations, including local government agencies, national parks and more.

At Australian Tree Consultants Pty Ltd, we work to preserve trees and help them to flourish in their environment, making them an asset to the sites where they grow. As part of this, we also ensure that they grow safely and don’t pose a hazard to the community.

Quality services from a reliable team

Offering expert advice and services when you need them, our team at Australian Tree Consultants Pty Ltd can do everything from field surveys of hundreds of trees, to single tree hazard assessments.

Working Australia-wide, and across the Asia Pacific, we’re available seven days a week for our customers’ convenience, and can inspect your site at any time. We also work after-hours and will ensure that you receive the exact services you need to ensure the healthy growth of the trees under your care.

Our clients

Using state-of-the-art technology, Australian Tree Consultants Pty Ltd is well regarded and known by many different authorities, and we always aim to deliver the very best quality service.

  • Government agencies (federal/state/local)
  • National parks and wildlife reserves
  • Landscape companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Commercial and industrial companies
  • Namale Resort Fiji
  • Body corporate and property managers

Call us today on 1300 737 674 for more information about our professional tree consultants in Australia.

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