Picus Sonic

Picus Sonic Tomographs & Tree Ultrasounds

At Australian Tree Consultants Pty Ltd, we provide a range of professional arborist services, including tree ultrasounds using our Picus Sonic equipment. This specialist tool produces a Picus Sonic Tomograph, which we can use to provide an accurate diagnosis of any hazardous issues affecting the tree.

The scientific data acts as confirmation of our preliminary findings and is a non-invasive way of identifying any problems, so is ideal for detecting issues without harming the trees. 

The Picus Sonic can

  • Detect decay e.g. caused by fungi, pathogens, insects
  • Create a 2D and a 3D picture of the inside of trees
  • Provide scientific data to confirm arborist diagnoses

Experienced team

Our team of consultants at Australian Tree Consultants Pty Ltd has over seven years’ experience in operating Picus equipment and attained Master Picus Accreditation from Argus Electronics Gmbh  (Germany), in May 2007.

How it works

The Picus Sonic emits sound waves into the tree, using sensors to measure the variations of the sound waves as they travel inside the wood. A computer is then used to convert the sound wave data into a detailed picture of the inside of the tree, showing any alterations in its interior structure and highlighting any areas of decay.

For even more detailed and accurate information, a 3D view of the tree can also be created using advanced processing techniques. 

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Global Information Systems (GIS)

We use Trimble GPS units, reflective lasers and digital compasses to identify the assets of our clients’ trees with sub-metre accuracy. We can subsequently input and store the numerous fields of information required to manage these assets.

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