Arborist Reports from Tree Experts Based in Sydney

Australian Tree Consultants Pty Ltd provides a wide range of professional arborist services throughout Australia and beyond, working seven days a week for a variety of clients.

Whether you need general maintenance services, an arborist report or expert advice on hazardous issues, our expert team can assist with whatever you need using advanced and cutting-edge technology.

Our Tree Services

Tree inspections

We can carry out both ground and aerial inspections, although ground inspections are more common, via a VTA (Visual Tree Assessment). If aerial surveys are required, however, we have the skills and equipment to do this and adhere to all the relevant OH&S requirements from the Amenity Tree Industry.

We also use drones, both fixed wing and multi-propped helicopter drones for mapping, aerial imagery of trees, topography for vegetation mapping, infra-red and R.B.G surveys and Picus ultrasound technology. What’s more, we are fully CASA licensed and our excellent reputation has afforded us longstanding relationships with local councils and local, state and federal consent authorities.

Preliminary assessment of trees includes:

  • Visual inspection from ground-level on the tree, soil, microclimate and surrounding environment (built or fixed structures)
  • Completion of a tree survey form, with trees allotted a hazard rating
  • A Resistograph and a Picus Sonic Tomograph created as required

Tree hazard assessment survey audits

Our team can perform a tree audit to identify any defects, structural or otherwise (such as termite, borer and fungal attacks), and recommend the best course of action based on these results. Australian Tree Consultants Pty Ltd has developed a Tree Hazard Classification system that provides a simple numerical and colour-coded reference system, allowing us to prioritise any work.   

Arborist reports

We can provide detailed arborist reports relating to the overall health of your trees, including information on the structure, condition and SULE (Safe Useful Life Expectancy and the new system of TreeAZ). If previous tree work has been performed, then an assessment is made in accordance with the Code of Practice for the Amenity Tree Industry 1996.

All assessments, reporting and recommendations, including pruning specifications, are prepared in accordance with Australian Standard 4373 - Pruning of Amenity Trees, 2007, Australian Standard 4970 – Protection of Trees on Development Sites, 2009 and Workcover NSW Code of Practice ‘Amenity Tree Industry’, 1998.

Tree maintenance, cabling and bracing

We’ll work with you to develop a suitable maintenance programme for your trees, both in the short and long-term. This may include tree cabling and bracing or branch popping, as well as creating root barrier systems. Each site will be assessed individually and an appropriate plan drawn up.

Soil testing

We are equipped to conduct accurate soil pH readings to two decimal points to ensure your soil profile is healthy and suited to the environment. Testing is completed in the field to get an instantaneous soil profile and also to check the soil temperature, which determines the benefit of mulch around trees. During the testing process, we look for elements such as:

  • Salt metre
  • Sodium ion
  • Potassium ion
  • Nitrate
  • Calcium
  • Conductivity metre
  • Moisture levels – excess moisture from burst water pipes, etc. can cause trees to decline or die

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